Note that we’ll need a few days to prepare and ship your Halfbike. The transit times shown here are for shipping alone. It takes anywhere between 1 and 10 days before an order is shipped based on current stock levels and production schedule.


import fees

International customers have to cover any import duty or fee (if any) administered by their local Customs Authority. All Halfbikes ship from the EU so customers from any member state will receive their Halfbike at their doorstep at no additional charge. We advise you to check with your local Customs Authority for up-to-date info.
For your reference all Halfbikes are hand made in Bulgaria and the HTS code is: 8712.00.50 – Other cycles

We ship international orders with DHL, DPD and TNT and cover the full freight charge. However the companies may still charge the receiver with some secondary fees for customs brokerage, ets. For more detailed info please check with their local branch.


There’s a De Minimis Value of imports in some countries and shipments below this limit will be imported free of charge. Below is the De Minimis Value in some countries that we know that is over the cost of a Halfbike:
United States – $800.00 (USD)
Australia – $1000.00 (AUD)

Here’s a link to a table that shows the De minimis regimes world-wide that apply to international shipments. If you want to purchase two Halfbike and live in a country where the De Minimis rate that is less than the cost of two, but over the cost of one Halfbike than you might consider placing two individual orders instead. This way the actual shipping charges will be higher, yet you can still have some savings at the end. For more detailed info please check with your local Customs Authority.


If you’re not completely satisfied with your Halfbike you can return it within two weeks from the date you received it. The Halfbike should be in good condition and well packed into its original box. We’ll ask you to cover the shipping expenses.
If you’d like to return a Halfbike please send us an email with your name and purchase details to [email protected] You’ll receive instructions how to proceed promptly. Note that we’re based in Bulgaria and all Halfbikes ship from here. A refund for the value of the Halfbike will be issued shortly after receiving the actual product.

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