Place the handlebar on the inside of the frame and make sure that the axle is positioned into the holes (1). Check if the silicone washers are in between the frame and handlebar and then screw the top nuts. Align the handlebar to match the contour of the frame and then slide the bottom pins (2) up (fig. A) Make sure that the washer clears the stopper (3). Tighten all four nuts well.

Next you need to attach the truck (4) to the frame via a bolt (5) – fig. B Position the truck over the small tube (7) at the bottom of the frame. Insert the two washers (8) on each side between the tube and the truck and drive the bolt through. Tighten the nut (6) well and then turn it backwards a quarter revolution. The nut has to be tight while allowing the truck to swivel freely.

Fitting the springs is next. Remove the bolts (9) from the plastic hats. Tilt the Halfbike to one side (fig. C) and slide the first spring on the opposite side top hat while keeping the bottom hat in place. Then align the bottom hat with the hole on the truck and screw bolt (9) from below. To insert the other spring you’ll need to tilt the bike the other way by forcing the first spring (If you find it difficult, ask someone to help you). To make this easier you may put the bike on the floor, step onto the rear tire and push with your arm against the handlebar. Then insert the second spring and it’s bottom hat like you did the first one. After it’s roughly in place you can gently return the handlebar to upright position. Then align the plastic hat with the hole on the truck and screw bolt (9) from below. Tighten well the two bolts from below.

Run the brake cable through the center of the frame, under the bottom bracket and up the handlebar. Fit it into three cable clips – one below the bottom bracket and two on the inner side of the handlebar. Fit the cable head into the brake lever.

To install the pedals put one washer on each one and then screw them on. The left one is marked with a little L while the right one – with R. Tighten both pedals as much as you can.



To fold the Halfbike, first loosen the top pin by making 3-4 complete turns of both nuts (1). Only then unscrew the bottom nuts so the pins can pass over the stopper (3) freely. Slide the pins down and pivot the handlebar backwards over the front tire.
To unfold the Halfbike reverse the previous steps. Make sure that all four nuts are well tightened.

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