HalfBike 2 is a challenge but most of all Very Fun!

It’s not a real bike. Lol
On a bike you put your butt on the seat and go.
Half bike is totally different.
I got mine this weekend it’s totally worth it.
Helps target quad muscles from the start.
Works your core and increases your balance And helps build muscle endurance.
I especially got the half bike 2 bc it’s a challenge.
Just to be able to turn this bike going fast is a skill of its own.
This isn’t just a bike but an investment towards your health!

I presume that if you or anyone who likes to go out on a daily jog or run hoped on this halfbike 2 you too would enjoy this challenge.
As this not only targets immediate muscle groups than running does but
You have to be a lot more agile to ride a halfbike 2 opposed to a regular bike.

You can buy anything for cheap but that doesn’t make it good, remember that when you buy your next bike or next anything.

Cheepy weepie products suck!

HalfBike 2 is a challenge but most of all Very Fun!

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