Our best Black Friday offer to date.

This year we’re not taking part in the Black Friday shopping frenzy. Yet simply saying that we don’t believe in Black Friday does not hold much on its own. This is why we’d like to use the opportunity and tell you what we do believe in: • Most of all, we truly believe that the Halfbike is a tiny step towards a better world for us all. That is what has been driving us since day one. Seeing how the Halfbike family grows and receiving all your great feedback has been a constant source of inspiration. You guys help us stay on track and get further, further than we ever thought possible. • We believe in sustainable local manufacturing and fair trade. The Halfbike is a premium quality product that is handmade in Europe using only the best components and materials. Made in our own workshop by a small and dedicated team, comprised of people who care about the product, people who we call our friends. • We believe that we can hack the system and work directly with you. This allows us to do two key things. There are no middlemen involved in the process which helps us keep the price lower, this way you can receive a better Halfbike and ultimately pay less. Plus, this allows us to stay in touch with each and every customer, and ensure that he’s enjoying his Halfbike to the fullest. And lets not forget about our Black Friday deal, if you can even call it that: If you decide to get a Halfbike today we’ll still ask for the regular price. On top of that, we’ll plant 10 trees for each order that we receive by the end of the month. Thus, creating our tiny little Halfbike Grove that we hope will grow larger and stronger each year. As a bonus we promise pictures of us planting the actual trees :) Thank you! Martin and Mihail
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