How a Halfbike is Born

We believe in local manufacturing and all Halfbikes are hand made in our workshop. Most team members, from the designers to the ones that are producing Halfbikes, are keen cyclists. We know what a good Halfbike is and how to make one. So, if you’re imagining regular factory workers on an assembly line, think again. Our one man assembly process is key for the quality of each Halfbike. Every single bike is delivered completely tuned up and tested as all components are not just attached to the frame but assembled by a person who cares. So basically every mechanic guarantees with his name for the quality of his work. Although one man assembly is a time consuming process, we’re proud that we’re building our bikes this way. We emphasize on the clear and minimalistic design and optimized details and this is our way to ensure that you receive the best Halfbike possible! Тhe majority of the components are produced in our workshop thus allowing us greater flexibility and control over the whole process. Furthermore this makes us less dependent on suppliers and subcontractors which is always welcome when it comes to quality control. The frames, handlebars and trucks are produced by skilled workers using premium quality materials. The combination of CAD/CAM technology with hand craftsmanship ensures that we have what it takes to make a great product.
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