1 year ago
Hi there, I really want to buy a Halfbike, it looks very funny and I'm excited about learning a new way to ride, not scared about spending some time to learn how to use. I would use it every day to go to work, it's a 6 km trip. With a basic bike I need 20 minutes, I take it easy cause I don't want to sweat to much. Do you find the Halfbike need more effort compared to a very basic bike? Thank you
1 year ago
(halfbiker) 1 year ago
Hi Enrico :) It all depends on your overall fitness and how used you are to the Halfbike. The more you ride, the less you sweat - the same as a normal bike. It's a different type of workout, but the principles of getting used to it are the same.
(ambassador) 1 year ago
Hi Enrico, 6km in not a long distance for a Halfbike, especially if the terrain is relatively flat. Here is a link to encourage you :) Cheers!
1 year ago
Thank you guys! :)
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