9 months ago
How can you tell the difference between the 3 sizes
(admin) 9 months ago
Hi Mick, You'll need to measure the distance from the handlebars to the ground. For example a distance measured at around 110cm should be a size M Hope that helps :)
(halfbiker) 9 months ago
Also, the only difference between the sizes is the height of the handlebar. All of the sizes are around 6cm apart from each other.
7 months ago
Hi Bo The distance measured from the handlebars to the ground for model M is 110cm. What is the measurement for model L, which is the one I would need. Thanks
7 months ago
Actually I've just noticed what's probably obvioius to everyone else :) ha ha is model L handlebar to ground 116cm ?
(admin) 7 months ago
Hi Jake, Yes, it should be around 116, but it makes quite a big difference in riding and turning the bike. It all comes down yo your height and weight and how those factors interact with the size of the bike.
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