Sellers in Mexico City

3 weeks ago
Do you have sellers or you know where i can buy in Mexico City?
(admin) 3 weeks ago
Hi Paco, Thanks for your interest in the Halfbike :) Currently, the only way to order a legit Halfbike is through our website.
3 weeks ago
i only have one question, how is the handling with customs, taxes, everything that would involve buying through the website, you take care of that?
(admin) 3 weeks ago
Hi Paco, Have in mind that customers from Mexico have to cover any import duty or fee (if any) administered by their local Customs Authority. We advise you to check with your local Customs Authority or local DHL office for up-to-date info.
3 weeks ago
Ok, I'll check with DHL, you know if I have to give them some information about the product, origin, weight etc ...? Could you help me with that information? Thank you.
3 weeks ago
According to your size chart, I need a M size, how much weight does it support, i'm in the process of lose weight and this is one of the reasons i want buy it. Thanks
(halfbiker) 3 weeks ago
The box measures 94x52x19 cm and weights approximately 11 kg. All Halfbikes are handmade in Bulgaria and ship from here, the HTS code is: 8712.00.50 - Other cycles. As to sizes, please mind that the difference between them is only in the height of the handlebar which varies with approximately 5 cm from size to size. The weight limit is set at 95 kg.
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