New camera toy

(ambassador) 1 month ago
I have a new camera which is now my second favorite toy (after my Halfbike of course). It is the Insta360 One X and it allows you to take some pretty interesting video which I think would be pretty difficult to do otherwise. Here is a sample: made myself using this camera with a selfie stick.
(halfbiker) 1 month ago
Great video! Would love to see more of them :)
(ambassador) 1 month ago
Thanks Bo! Well, since you requested more... Enjoy!
(halfbiker) 1 month ago
Those 360 videos look awesome!
(halfbiker) 1 month ago
I have one too! They are awesome. Any mounting ideas? I like the back overhead view but have no idea how to get that other than a backpack pole mount.
(ambassador) 1 month ago
Hi Kee: Up to this point I've just been using the camera mounted on the Invisible Selfie Stick and holding it while riding. One side benefit of this is that it makes you a lot better at riding one-handed. I have the Venture case and the extended selfie stick on order and perhaps, when the case comes in, I'll feel a bit more confident about attempting to mount the camera. Right now I'm paranoid about it somehow falling off and damaging the lenses. Have you seen what Insta360 call "The Back Bar"? That seems like a good solution.
(ambassador) 2 days ago
My son and I have been venturing a bit further afield on our Halfbikes recently. Our favorite ride is a 21 mile loop that ends up taking us through our hometown of Easton at about the 15 mile mark. It has a farmer's market on Saturday and nothing tastes quite as sweet as a fresh peach after miles of Halfbiking! The other great thing about this ride is that there is some more varied terrain. I made yet another video of us tackling some hills. They say that the camera adds 10 pounds, but I can also say that it makes hills look flat! These don't seem that easy when you are on the Halfbike!
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