Assemby | Halfbike 3

(halfbiker) 3 weeks ago
Watch the assembly tutorial for Halfbike 3 and if you have any questions, just ask us below.
(ambassador) 6 days ago
Thank you for this great video, I really had my issues with the connection of the gear bowden pull wire. My best advice so far, if you have ordered your halfbike 3 with fenders, add them before adding the tires - there is not much space if you have big sized fingers ;-).
(halfbiker) 2 days ago
I can't get any sound from the video
1 day ago
@Jim A. I don't think the assemble video comes with sound.
(halfbiker) 1 day ago
Hi Jim, It's true the video does not have sound - it's just a showcase of how to assemble your Halfbike :)
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