Braking with HB3

3 weeks ago
I am french , so sorry if i don't explain well and don't understand everything that you will say. So, i need advice , because it seems really tricky to brake with the front. I need also to slow down, when i go downhill. I know, i need practice and learn to keep my bodyweight low when i am slowing. Can you please post photo or video of hand / body position of somebody going downhill , slowing and finally braking and stopping ? thank you :)
3 weeks ago
I am also hoping for an extension to have rear break on the HB3 :)
(halfbiker) 3 weeks ago
Hi Jerry, it is all about practice, actually you don't need second break to stop effectively. When you go downhill and break you have to find your balance and shift you weight back a little bit. It is easy but it takes a little bit of practice. Good luck!
(halfbiker) 2 weeks ago
I squat (like a sitting pose) a little when I go downhill and braking. It lowers the center of gravity and shifts the weight a little to the back which I think helps counter speed.
(ambassador) 2 weeks ago
I'm on a HB2 and I also do a little squat to lower my center of gravity when braking downhill. It becomes a natural response pretty quickly after doing it a few times.
(ambassador) 6 days ago
Yep, HB2 or HB3, squat is the "place to be". On my HB2, I was also leaning a bit more to the back to add more weight to the rear wheels. On the HB3, you just have to break with easily. If you break hard, you will quickly stand on your feet while the rear wheels are gently saying "Hello" to your but :-D.
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