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I've tried HB3 for the first time this morning and I have an issue with brakes methinks. When I applied the brake lightly it grabbed the wheel like a mad bulldog, stopping the wheel in a fraction of a second. As a result I was catapulted headlong, over bike's handle and landing on all four in-front of the bike. Is there a way to slow down without braking? (slow down by stop pedalling isn't fast enough). Or in other words - can break effort be measured, not just on-off.
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(halfbiker) 1 week ago
Hi Dimitry, please check this discussion It is all about a little practice.
(halfbiker) 1 week ago
Hi Martin. I saw the discussion. Still whatever little pressure I apply to lever, it immediately block the front wheel, __there is no intermediate half-pressure state for brakes__ (where it brakes but allows the wheel to rotate). Thus entire frame with me on it immediately rotates itself around blocked front wheel axis, like catapult. And best, I guess, if I duck it would stop with me still on the bike, but it will stop not slow-down.
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Hi Dimitry, actually the brakes are adjusted by the hub manufacturer and this is supposed to be the best configuration. Can you please send a video to showing how much pressure takes to full block the wheel?
(halfbiker) 4 days ago
I found a manual for gear hub and regulated length of a cable to brakes' fulcrum lever from handlebar lever. It helped a lot, but I still need to clarify something please. I think you should mention brake adjustment in assembly manual AND very first step - even before trying to ride - has to be to understand how much pressure to apply to brake level on handlebar _without blocking a wheel_. QUESTION: is it normal, as designed, that I have to break literally using one finger and apply quite light pressure. If I squeeze the lever even a bit further - it block the wheel completely. So practical working area of a break lever is just tiny. * * * Honestly I would prefer a brakes where the wheel is not blocked till I squeeze with all might or maybe not blocked at all, because (unlike normal bike) blocked front wheel is useless for HB - it will catapult you headlong. So as-is most of handlebar lever movement is a prohibited zone for me. /kind regards, Dmitry
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