1 month ago
I am looking to buy a half bike but living life in quite a hilly area. Does anyone have any experiences / advice re hills and how easy it is to ascend them Thanks Adam
1 month ago
(ambassador) 1 month ago
Hey Adam, I've had my Halfbike for a little under a year and as I've noticed, most smaller hills are ok but anything steeper than a 6% grade gets tough for me if it's a long hill. I enjoy hitting a few hills during my rides because it's fun to have the variety.
(halfbiker) 4 weeks ago
Hi Adam, Tha Halfbike 3 with its 4 gears and special sprocket for hilly riding can do even better, but the comfort zone still lies at around 8% gradient.
3 weeks ago
Hi ! I have myself some hills. It's doable, but you need to learn on flat ground before. Learning to go down is harder than go up for me ;)
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