Are the tires standard?

(admin) 1 year ago
Yes, both the front (20") and rear tires (8") are standard. They can be easily found in most bike or skate shops.
(ambassador) 10 months ago
The bike shops in my area don't carry the rear wheel sizes so I'm looking online. There appear to be different inner diameter versions of 200x50 tires. Which I.D. do I need? Are there any other metrics I should be looking out for?
(admin) 10 months ago
Hi Elliot, The full I.D. of the rear tires that we use is > 8", Innova, 200x50, IA-2603-2 Or you could follow this link to our shop and order from us > Cheers
(ambassador) 10 months ago
The inner diameter must be around 4 inches. I cannot be greater than 8 inches as that is the outer diameter. I wasn't able to find information about the tire on Innova's website so I just ordered a whole wheel from Halfbike. More info about the necessary tire dimensions would be nice for future tire purchases as I won't need a whole wheel setup and the shipping is expensive for me here in the US.
(ambassador) 10 months ago
I've saved the link for future purchase. Thank you!
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