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(admin) 8 months ago
photo: Nikolaj Lehmann @nikolaj_lehmann
(halfbiker) 7 months ago
Handle bar mod
(ambassador) 7 months ago
doesnt your halfbike tilt more forward though with all the added weight on the front?
(halfbiker) 6 months ago
Two "improvements" on an almost perfect vehicle: 1. Excenter levers for faster folding 2. Moto Urban pedal. The wooden style fits perfectly to the rest and it is more comfortable than the original one
(halfbiker) 6 months ago
I have also fixed bare ends to my handlebar and the pedals have been replaced by spd pedals. It takes some getting used to but due to the combination with a hard sole less burden of underfoot.
6 months ago
How did you all modify your handlebars? What extenders did you use (online links to products helpful!)? Did you do it yourself or have it completed by a bikeshop?
(ambassador) 6 months ago
@ Rainer L.: The platforms that you've put on your Halfbike are a really neat addition. They look really sleek and blend in beautifully. Just one question, have you tried riding on rough and bumpy surface. What is the grip in such conditions compared to the original pedals?
(halfbiker) 6 months ago
@Mihail K.: Sometimes I ride gravel ground but only a few hundred meters. So far I had no problems with the grip. In my opinion there is no difference to the original pedals with regard to grip.
(ambassador) 2 months ago
I finally took a pic of my handlebar ends. They're working great and I totally dig the available positions for my hands (and wrists). The typical bar ends attach to the end of the existing bar which would take up about 20 to 25mm on either side. I didn't want to shorten the current length so instead, I used bar extenders from Control Tech here in the USA. The Terminator MTB extenders (with 22.2mm diameter) work pretty well and give just enough extra distance to attach most bar ends. To install, all I did was cut a circle hole out of the end of the grips to make way for inserting the extenders. Once inserted they tighten easily with a 6mm hex key wrench. The only issue I found is that they have to be tightened a few times to reach full grip strength. In other words, I tightened them, found them a bit loose the next day and tightened them again. After doing this 3 times, they're now really solid and I bought a second pair to have on hand just in case something goes wrong with these (I like them that much). Here's the link to anyone who wants to try: Control Tech offers two styles, "MTB" and simply "Plugs." Get the MTB as they're the right diameter. The Plugs are too large to fit inside the Halfbike handlebar tube. As an extra bonus I found them on Amazon as an "add-on" item which means they were only $5 if I purchased $20 of other merchandise during the order. It's a promotional thing for Control Tech, I believe. Since I already had an order going, I got the extenders cheap!
(admin) 2 months ago
Hmm this looks comfortable :)
(ambassador) 2 months ago
An update to my handlebar ends - they are a little hard, compared to the rubber grips that come with the bike. So... I’m making my own neoprene covers to soften them just a bit. This prototype is working great so far. I’m making the final pieces tonight.
(ambassador) 4 weeks ago
I've created another addition for my awesome Halfbike - an accessory bar on the back end so I can mount a few more items to the bike. It currently just has my rear light but I'll also be able to mount a GoPro or any other typical handlebar mounted accessory. I cut the materials out of 5mm thick black PC (Polycarbonate) and glued them together with solvent weld glue. Then I mounted them using the same holes as the rear fenders - which I like - and kept by substituting a longer screw and adding a rubber washer underneath the head so it wouldn't damage the black finish on the bike. Can't wait to try out some videos! and maybe add another rear light...
(ambassador) 4 weeks ago
Another pic of the accessory mount ...
(admin) 4 weeks ago
Hey Joel, This looks great. We'd love to see some GoPro footage and how you use the mount. :)
3 weeks ago
Still trying to figure out how to add a little more length to the handlebars. It's really hard to have hands so narrow on some of the hills I tackle. @JoelH, your solution's the best I've seen so far. Why did you opt for the ergo bar ends over bend bars--any specific advantages?
(ambassador) 3 weeks ago
@Peggy - I chose those bar ends because I like the relative location of the original handlebar. It’s thoughtfully positioned and perfect for me. If I used bent bar ends my hands would have been either a little rearward or a little forward of the handlebar centerline. Forward would have me leaning a bit too much to the front and rearward would have my hands closer to my body. Neither are as comfortable for me. These bar ends keep my hands in the same handlebar centerline position and just allow a different (better for me) wrist angle. I like them a lot for longer distances and they’ve really improved my hill climbing, too, by giving me better grip and ability to pull upward with more force when climbing.
(halfbiker) 1 week ago
Hello! I replaced the pedals. These pedals are platform on one side and clipless on the other side.
(halfbiker) 1 week ago
(halfbiker) 1 week ago
(halfbiker) 1 week ago
(halfbiker) 2 days ago
I have installed MagPed on my HalfBike and for jump or other trick I have vantage...
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