What's your favorite spot to ride?

(admin) 7 months ago
Here you can share the best and coolest spots to ride your Halfbikes. (Country, Place, Photos etc.)
(halfbiker) 7 months ago
Personally, I love going around The National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria. Sometimes there could be a lot of people going about, but it's an awesome exercise to use them as gates for slaloms - just be careful :)
(ambassador) 7 months ago
A good start for me would be smooth surface + miles and miles of open of road ahead. If necessary add a little bit of scenery according to your personal taste and you've got the perfect riding spot :)
(ambassador) 7 months ago
In Athens, a good place to start learning is the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. It's flat, spacious and very bike-friendly.
(ambassador) 7 months ago
In Poznań - Park Sołacki. Flat area. Many straight, wide paths. in the evening and in the morning it is almost empty. And when you master run at streight line, there are many places to practice a turns. And Cytadela, near Park Sołacki.
(ambassador) 7 months ago
In Madrid, Spain, I like the Retiro Park, it's wide, flat and lets you ride fast, make turns and let the people ask you. When I want to test myself, there is a big slope where the Fallen Angel Statue is, that lets me go up and see that I'm able to make it without any stop. There are, as well, sand trails where I can test the behaviour of the Halfbike in that kind of surface and I can assure that it works very well, except when the sand is too loose and incline.
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