Youngest and oldest Halfbiker?

(admin) 5 months ago
Riding a Halfbike is certainly not for everyone. You all now that it's a new skill that one needs to learn and it takes some balance, agility and special mindset to master it. We've seen plenty of people that give up after just a few tries and yet it seems that the ability to ride a Halfbike is not necessarily age related. Seeing kids or people with white hair that do better than most is a real treat :) And this also proves that becoming a Halfbike master it's not that much about age than it is about proper attitude. So what is the youngest and oldest person that you have seen ride a Halfbike?
(ambassador) 5 months ago
Hmmm... I think I am not the oldest halfbiker. I am 52 years old, but mentally no more than 20 ;)
(ambassador) 5 months ago
Čeprav jih imam 48 zaradi vsakodnevne vožnje obvladam veliko bolje kot moj sin,ki jih ima 12,a veliko manj izkušenj...
(ambassador) 5 months ago
here as well 48 :-)
(ambassador) 4 months ago
I'm 66 and my dog is 13 :-)
(ambassador) 4 months ago
51 and proud of it :) - love my halfbike!
(halfbiker) 4 months ago
That's really interesting. Halfbike ads seems to be made rather for fit millennials and I can see lots of ‘old’ people here
(halfbiker) 4 months ago
BTW I'm 49 :)
(admin) 4 months ago
(ambassador) 4 months ago
I am 19 and bought my Halbike 2 years ago, when I was 17 :p
(ambassador) 1 month ago
53 years young with a 7yr old son. Love my halfbike. Sorry no photos of me on it lol must do that tho
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