Shoes ?!

8 months ago
OK guys, I am still a super beginner, but what shoes are best for training to ride a halfbike?
(ambassador) 8 months ago
All shoes are suitable to ride, but comfortable to ride with sneaker :)
(admin) 8 months ago
Hey Bilyana, welcome on board! As you've already noticed, your feet are always in charge, so until your brain and body adapt to the new movements, you'd better wear something comfortable and stable. ;)
(halfbiker) 8 months ago
Flip-flops are not for beginners :)
(ambassador) 8 months ago
I like a shoe with a thin, firm sole. Spongy-soled running/tennis shoes waste a lot of pedaling energy. Right now I'm loving Vivobarefoot shoes on Ergon PC2 pedals (platform pedals with full pedal surfaces are key to making thin-soled shoe riding the best).
(ambassador) 8 months ago
Menim,da čevlji niso toliko pomembni kot več začetniške redne vaje v vožnji... Ko to enkrat obvladaš obutev več ni pomembna. Sam se celo poletje vozim s flip-flop natikači brez problema. No res pa sem vsaki dan redno na Halfbike...
(ambassador) 8 months ago
I like sneakers the most, particularly sporty ones made for running, as a stiff and leveled shoe bottom tends to slip, particularly if you ride in wet conditions.
(ambassador) 8 months ago
Sneakers are the best, now that i am a more advanced halfbike rider i can also use dress shoes, but still sneakers are better.
(ambassador) 7 months ago
(ambassador) 7 months ago
I would wear Vans skateboarding shoes, they grip to the pedals well and allow you to exit the bike when needed too.
(halfbiker) 6 months ago
Anyone tried SPD-pedals/shoes? Any possible (dis-)advantages?
(admin) 6 months ago
Hi Sebastian :) We usually would not recommend using SPD-pedals on the Halfbike, as they would make it extremely difficult to get off the bike in case of emergency. However, we've had a client that tried them on and was very satisfied with the result :)
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