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Hi, welcome to Halfbike community in Madrid. If you want to enjoy the Halfbike in Madrid or surroundings, just contact me. I travel a lot and use to take my Halfbike with me. So, if we meet somewhere, just stop me and ask for a ride. Last weekend I was at the Retiro Park in Madrid and Paseo del Prado and some people got astonished to see me riding the Halfbike. Just stop me. I have been also in Salamanca, Cogolludo (Guadalajara), Conil and Cádiz (Cádiz) and I plan to go more places soon.
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(admin) 3 months ago
Welcome aboard Sergio! It was a pleasure meeting you in Madrid :)
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Hi Martin, so was it for me! Thanks for coming home. It was a nice talk. I hope I can go there anytime. See you!
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¡Hola amigos! ¿Qué tal estáis? El pasado martes estuve enseñando la Halfbike a una chica que es periodista y que tiene un blog sobre bicicletas. La probó, se hizo alguna foto y algún vídeo, también me hizo a mí alguna foto y ya lo ha publicado en su blog. Os dejo el link para que lo veáis. Un saludo. www.mueveteenbicipormadrid.com/2018/10/ya-puedes-probar-una-halfbike-en-madrid.html Hi friends! How are you? Last Tuesday I was showing the Halfbike to a girl who is journalist and has a blog about bikes. She tried on, took some pictures and videos and, as well, she took some pictures of me and she has posted on her blog. I leave you the link aside. Cheers! www.mueveteenbicipormadrid.com/2018/10/ya-puedes-probar-una-halfbike-en-madrid.html
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Thanks for the link Sergio!
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