Jens Rorbaek C.

It started with curiosity 2½ year ago when I first saw the Halfbike on the internet. And since then I kept following its development until I bought my own in May 2020. I mainly bought it as a spare time project during the corona lock down as a challange for my self to experiment and learn how to ride it. After the first few attempts I was confident this could be a fantastic exercise tool. Even tough the Halfbike is intended for Urabn transport/riding I bought it well knowing I live in a small village in the countryside with almost no bike paths and a lot of narrow roads. There for I've made it my mission to explore the possibilities and advantages by riding Halfbike in rural district :-) In short - I love it
The people you see here are not our employees, but enthusiastic halfbikers helping us spread the word. They are not available 24/7 so please be patient and kind.
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