Migs B.

I am an old amputee guy who was intrigued by the halfbike after seeing it on youtube. So I decided to buy the halfbike 2 a few months back. It was hard to learn at the start especially for a person like me who recently learn how to ride a conventional bike. But I was determined to learn and made some adjustments on my prosthetic leg and the half bike pedals. And it works. My daughter and wife learned quickly, so I bought 2 more half bikes. One configured for a few hills terrain and the other one for very hilly. I lived in the Texas hill country so the very hilly configuration works best. Halfbike is a full-body workout with fun, it doesn’t only focus on the leg muscles but also implies a constant activation of the torso area. This makes it an ideal tool to keep our abs, obliques and transverse abdominis fit. It's a great training tool. I'm using this bike also for training to bring me back to running form again. I am willing to answer any questions about the Halfbike that you may have.

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