Mark C.

I am a physically active person who loves running. I had been looking for a stand-up bicycle for a couple of years. The ones I saw online were somewhat cost prohibitive and a little too bulky in size. When I stumbled upon the halfbike, I was intrigued. After seeing the videos, I got excited about the possibility of owning one. I dropped a ‘load’ of hints on my wife that it would be nice to receive one for my birthday. Lo and behold, when my birthday came around, so did the halfbike! The learning curve described on their website was accurate for me. Now I am riding this thing all over town after having owned it for just over a month! It has become a big part of my active lifestyle. I am passionate about this product and want to share the fun experience with others!
The people you see here are not our employees, but enthusiastic halfbikers helping us spread the word. They are not available 24/7 so please be patient and kind.
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