Stijn V.

Hi all, I am Stijn and and i'm from Belgium. In my search for doing some cardio in addition to my strength training, I ended up with halfbike. I bought one and haven't regretted it since. In the beginning it takes some getting used to, but soon you find your balance and you can drive straight for a few meters. For better cornering it is a bit of a bite, but once this starts to work, it is so much fun to ride a halfbike. It is also a good core & leg training. I will be happy to go on rides together! Leave a message if you’re in Belgium and want to ride together or you’re just curious to try! You can also find me on strava: U can use the discount code "STIJN" to get a 50eu discount on your halfbike order.
The people you see here are not our employees, but enthusiastic halfbikers helping us spread the word. They are not available 24/7 so please be patient and kind.
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