(halfbiker) 2 years ago
I came upon the halfbike while trying to find a way to cycle after I hurt my knee (the angle a general bike requires exacerbates my injury). I was a commuter cyclist so not being able to ride was incredibly frustrating. The halfbike (I have a 2) has helped me give my knee a different workout as it recovers while getting me back cycling. I'm not back to commute-cycling the whole way at the moment (I don't have the stamina yet for the 12 miles round trip!) but I've been cycling to the train station, down an often wet and dirty cycle trail. She is very dirty now but has been handling the bumps, dirt, and puddles wonderfully. I've added a handlebar extender to the front for my light and bell (and moved the shifter). This is her by the river we cycle along most days (I walked her to this particular point - I haven't tried complete dirt paths yet).
(ambassador) 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing your feedback! And the addition to the hendlebar looks nice. Happy riding :)
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