Hello Everyone, We hope that you're keeping a positive spirit and making the most out of life lately. The world seems to have turned upside down in many ways, especially when it comes to consumer products. Prices of materials and components have kept rising for the past 18 months, lead times are scary, and logistics are a mess. In these challenging times, the best we can offer for this Holiday season is a Halfbike at a regular price plus next day shipping. We’re fortunate to have sufficient stock for now, but this won’t last for much longer because we expect next season to be difficult. While adapting to reality, we'd like to inform you in advance that there will be a price increase and, most probably, some stock shortages in the course of next year. Whatever happens, though, inspiring people to challenge themselves, be active and stay healthy in a fun way has been our main driving force since day one. Thank you for being part of this idea and helping to get the message out! Happy Holidays, and be safe! The Halfbike Team GET YOUR HALFBIKE news
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