(ambassador) 1 year ago
I've only had my Halfbike a few weeks and too often my rides start after 17:00 on the unlit country lanes, so have been figuring out how to get decent visibility. My latest experiment...alloy and carbon bar extenders (photo shows LED lights attached). Taken from my mountain bike, but available on Amazon, etc. Will probably attach a bell as there's room
(halfbiker) 11 months ago
Hi Nell ,which bar you take from amazon, thanks wanna add one for my action camera. Thanks Kpo
(ambassador) 11 months ago
Hi Kpo, I got two types. "UPANBIKE Bike Handlebar Extender Extension Carbon Fiber Bracket Aluminum Alloy Clamp for Bicycle Speedometer Headlight Light Lamp Holder (Black 10cm)", bought 2 of these - the ones in the picture. Also bought a single "PHILED Double Frames Bike Handlebar Extender 20CM Lightweight Bicycle Extender Mount Holder Carbon Fiber Bicycle Handlebar Extension Bracket". Neil
10 months ago
Can you tell me the difference between 2 and 3, I am so new to this. Thank You Carolyn
(halfbiker) 10 months ago
Hi Carolyn, Here you can see a side by side comparison www.halfbikes.com/compare
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