(admin) 3 years ago
Share your knowledge, impressions and ask the community :)
3 years ago
I just bought my Halfbike and was wondering what gear would be best for beginners?
(halfbiker) 3 years ago
I've taught all of my friends on 2nd gear and I think it's best for beginners.
(ambassador) 3 years ago
Any tips on posture and balance, when zig-zaging a bit faster or downhill?
3 years ago
@Nuno R. When you make short turns at speed regardless if you're on flat ground or going down a hill I'd recommend that keep your legs a little bent. Just so that they''re not straight and "locked" in the knees. When you're in the middle of the turn try to push down on the pedals and see how this will change the dynamics of the turn. Ideally it should put more weight on the tires, make the turn a little sharper and get you back in a good position for the next one. Similar to what you will do when skiing.
(ambassador) 3 years ago
@Mihail K. Thanks for your advice. I feel a bit more confident, now. Like you said, it's easier to transfer weight, when I push down the pedals. There is a sound from the back tires, (its grip) when a turn is sharper that also helps me understand what is happening. And I'm trying to have a bit more flow when transitioning from one side to another, bending the inner knee more than the outter one.
3 years ago
@MayaT I wear a soccer shin guard on the inside of my right calf to protect it from hitting the big gear if I fall in that direction. I still have a lump in that area from when I first tried the halfbike last Nov!
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