(halfbiker) 10 months ago
Hi, whenever I ride my halfbike, I get blisters inside my hands and on the side of my thumbs. Are there any special gloves you can recommend to protect me. The gloves I am using right now, don't do it. Looking forward to your kind help Frank
(ambassador) 9 months ago
Hi Frank, long time no see, hope you are fine. Back on topic: When I started with my halfbike I got blisters on my hands in the first weeks because I put too much weight on my hands and the handle bar. That happened because my body and legs muscules were not yet used to ride that long. How often per week do you ride? Do you ride as a training or do you use it for commuting and how long (time and distance) do you ride per training? Cheers, Thilo
(halfbiker) 9 months ago
Hi Frank, This is quite normal, as in the beginning people tend to hold on too hard to the handlebar, while your hands should be relaxed. Of course, this comes with practice, so you'll get there :)
(ambassador) 8 months ago
Hi Frank, Jut buy a pair of TRAINING GLOVES with good material quality. Some good ones have breathable material which helps to reduce sweat, comfort fit and most importantly it reduces the friction between your hand and the handlebar, further enhancing grip experience in case you got blister again.
(halfbiker) 8 months ago
Thanks, yes, its getting better. ;-)
(halfbiker) 8 months ago
I think the solution is changing the handlebars. For comfort, stability and maneuvrability I replaced the handlebars with the ones on the picture. They give a much more ergonomic grip and I don't need gloves anymore
(ambassador) 8 months ago
Cool looking handlebar, Enrico!
(ambassador) 8 months ago
Hi Enrico, what brand is this? Seem comfy to my palm when riding
(halfbiker) 8 months ago
Well, it's a cheap set of noname handlebars. Around 7$ a set. Here's a picture of them. But they do their job excellent.
(halfbiker) 7 months ago
Would you mind telling us where you got those?
(halfbiker) 6 months ago
Seems like Aliexpress or any other platform with Chinese suppliers. Just look for bar ends in the search.
(ambassador) 4 months ago
Hey Enrico, how have you liked the handlebars? just checking for an update to see how they've worked out. Cheers
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