3 years ago
hi! I dont have a halfbike yet, but I am looking forward to it... I have a question... how does the halfbike works going uphill? do you find it too hard?... I have to take a couple of uphills here and there in my usual rides... thanks everybody!
(admin) 3 years ago
Hi Luciano, The Halfbike is best suited to flat ground. However, it can manage going up hills as well, especially if the rider is fit. We can tell from experience that the three-speed model is fine for inclines up to 7-8% but anything over that might be a struggle - it really depends on your overall fitness. Cheers, Bobby
(halfbiker) 3 years ago
Hi - just got mine last week. I would not recommend start hills in the first days. Its double trouble. Mastering the HBike is a challenge (the learning curve offered on the info-graphic started pack is really spot on). Be patient. I've tried to start with commuting which have both descends (going) and ascends (coming back home 8). Careful in both ways. Descend is also not easy in the beginning specially if you peak up speed (and therefore straight line momentum). The breaks help you but their not 35mm disk breaks 8). Uphill you'll do it like mention but you'll sweat I guarantee (which is gooodd...)
(ambassador) 3 years ago
I'll reiterate what Paulo said (and Bobby, too). If it's a steep uphill, it's quite a challenge but I've found that moderate uphills make the ride more interesting even though it builds up a bit more sweat and heavy breathing. My rides usually take me through flats with a few hills and I like that variety. I find that a 7% uphill grade is more of a challenge to me than my friend so he's clearly in better shape than I am. 4% is what I can handle really well and enjoy during my rides.
(ambassador) 3 years ago
Also, this website is a great tool for finding the % hill grade of any road: veloroutes.org/bikemaps/ you can click on the map and create a route and it'll tell you the elevation change and the slope grade.
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