Hi everyone. I'm planning to buy one of these lovely halbikes. But don't know yet if I want a 3 or a 2. What make me hesitate is my lack of understanding of the differences between both, mainly in the breaking part. I on the comparison that the HB2 has a rear wheels brake and the HB3 has one on the front wheel. Isn't it more dangerous to brake on the front wheel from high speed ? I'm quite doubtful. Thanks a lot
(halfbiker) 3 years ago
Hi Mickael, If you haven't seen the side by side comparison page > www.halfbikes.com/compare The main difference in braking is that the HB2's brakes were used only to slow down the speed, while the HB3's new drum brake can stop almost immediately. It's actually really easy to get used to the front brake and just after a few tries it becomes quite intuitive. As you're breaking you'll just need to shift your weight - Tipping over is not possible as the center of gravity is well behind the front wheel.
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