11 months ago
Dear Halfbikers, Just purchased a halfbike 2 (second hand, obviously) and I have the feeling either I am not riding straight, or the bike is a little crooked. To go in a straight line, I have to push the handlebar left. I am afraid not to brake it. Is it my balance? Could it be smth misalligned on the halfbike? I am 80kg and bike almost daily, never had problems on other bikes.
(halfbiker) 11 months ago
Hi Tzvetan, You can try our tune-up tutorial here halfbikes.com/tune-up Also, please note that the springs are considered a consumable and it depends on how long they've been used and how well they've been stored. If the tutorial doesn't work, drop us an email at hello@halfbikes.com and we'll do our best to help.
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