The best we can offer for this Holiday season is a Halfbike at a regular price and next day shipping. Click here to learn why...
(admin) 3 years ago
The price of shipping varies depending on your location. Check the price in our shop.
2 years ago
11 months ago
How much the shipping cost to Singapore and how much the shipping cost to Indonesia for 1 unit of Halfbike 3.
(halfbiker) 11 months ago
Hi Robert, Shipping to Singapore costs + $75, while the shipping to Indonesia would be + $95. Just note that customers from both Singapore & Indonesia have to cover any import duty or fee (if any) administered by their local Customs Authority. We advise you to check with your local Customs Authority or local DHL office for up-to-date info. For your reference all Halfbikes are hand made in Bulgaria and the HTS code is: 8712.00.50 - Other cycles
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