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(ambassador) 2 years ago
Hi Halfbikers, just got my Halfbike 3 two weeks ago. Now I could ride it in a straight line & turn at a corner. However, I still could not find any effective ways in performing a narrow U-turn. Would anyone here enlighten me with some tips and advices? Thanks!
(halfbiker) 2 years ago
Hi Chinhang, The U-turn takes the longest to learn on a Halfbike, but with practice and determination you'll get there. Just ride some more and as you get more comfortable and confident on the Halfbike, you'll get to the point where you'll be able to do it effortlessly.
(ambassador) 1 year ago
Hi Chinhang. The way to do it is on a low speed basis, set the gear to the easiest position, incline your body, hold you tight to the handle and pedal. You won't fall, don't worry. Just pedal and hold tight the handle. You'll get it. Good luck!
(halfbiker) 1 year ago
There are also a nice set of YouTube videos on riding your Halfbike by HalfBiker Jimmy.
(halfbiker) 11 months ago
I state that I ski well and I also practice line skating, and I also ride a motorcycle. today I rode the halfbike for the first Time and after 30 minutes I was not only able to do curves and slaloms but also to do U-turns. I think it is essential not to be afraid, to lean as much as the chosen angle is tight. It helps me to put my weight towards the rear wheels, even lowering and bending favors the corner angle. Clearly I was on a quiet closed square and I tried tried and tried. I also fell undone, and continued. Stay very relaxed and focused. To sum up my experience, it is worth watching the special videos and you will find some that actually shift the weight backwards and bend a lot. Others work a lot with their arms, so surely you will find the key to taming the horse.
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