(halfbiker) 9 months ago
I broke one of the rubber washers for the clamp which holds up the handlebars on my Halfbike 3. Where can I find a replacement for it?
(halfbiker) 9 months ago
Hi, Tylor, The washer is not something you can easily find locally as it is custom made for Halfbike. We can send a replacement, I will send you an email with info on how could we proceed. Please mind that you probably tend to overtighten the QRs, thus the quick wear. In general, they should be neither loose nor too tightened, here is a short tutorial which might be helpful >>> halfbikes.com/qrs
(ambassador) 8 months ago
Both of mine have broken, too, Taylor. I feel like the bike is wobbly if they are not tight enough.
(halfbiker) 8 months ago
@Norma You need a replacement, Norma. Please drop us a line at hello@halfbikes.com to further discuss things. I'd strongly advise you to avoid riding until the issue is fixed.
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