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(halfbiker) 4 years ago
I purchased the Halfbike about a month or so ago and have enjoyed riding it. My purpose for the purchase was to help in my 1.5- 2.0 mile commute to work and to have fun pedaling in and getting a little exercise at the same time. The learning curve provide by previous review is true. It is like learning to ride all over again. My one observation and the reason for not providing a full 5 star review is based on fact that the Halfbike in my riding experience is designed for flat smooth riding surfaces. Riding over adjustments in paved surfaces such as transitioning from street to sidewalk creates a very unstable experience, thus making riding aggressively on the bike somewhat difficult. If there was an option to purchase the bike based on weight where the back stabilizing springs are design to offer greater resistance to lateral movement that might help with a more stabilized riding experience, however it is fare to say i am not an engineer. Overall the Halfbike is a fun riding experience.
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