We know from experience that riding a Halfbike that squeaks can get annoying over time. That’s why we advise you to maintain it and lubricate it properly to avoid such noises. Below are a few things that you can try: 1 If the squeaking comes from the rear section of the Halfbike there’s an easy fix that don’t require to disassemble the bike. All it takes is spraying a little WD40 or other liquid lubricant on the bolt (pivot) that holds the truck to the frame and on the tail of the frame itself. Than Afterwards wipe off the excess lubricant with a dry towel. 2 Be extra cautious to avoid spraying lubricant near the brakes or over the brake disks on the wheels as this will greatly affect their efficiency. 3 If the steps above haven’t removed the squeaking, than the bolt (pivot) that holds the truck to the frame may need to be cleaned from dust and dirt and lubricated. It comes with a thin layer of grease by default. You may have noticed this when you assembled your Halfbike for the first time. However it could wear out over time so it’s not a bad idea to check it every once in awhile. 4 We noticed that when water or moisture are trapped between the silicone washer and the frame it tends to make noise as well. So if the noise comes from the handlebar you can remove the washers and reassemble the Halfbike without them. 5 Applying a thin layer of candle wax (paraffin) to the lower section of the handlebar will help further reduce any squeak coming from the handlebar. You may use a regular candle for the job. 6 We also advise you to keep the chain and sprocket clean and lubricated. This will increase their longevity and make for a smooth ride. Only a chain lube should be used for the job.
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