1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (job, hobbies, etc.). Where are you from? I live near Brussels in Belgium. I work as a software engineer and spend too much of my time sitting in front of my computer. I practice a few sports but I really enjoy cycling. It is the best way for me to stay fit and go to work in a fast and healthy manner. 2. How did you hear about Halfbike? What made you commit to this new sport? What's your favorite thing about it? I do not remember how I heard about Halfbike. I guess that I must have read an article on a bicycle review website. I immediately found it fun and beautiful. I ordered the Halfbike 3 at the beginning of 2020. The learning curve is pretty steep. It takes some time to master it but it is a real pleasure then. I use it mostly to exercise. The upward position makes it possible to ride it for a long time without any back or neck pain. I cannot say the same for my regular bike where the position is more aggressive. Riding the Halfbike requires more effort than on a regular bike. The advantage is that you can really benefit from short sessions when you do not have the afternoon ahead of you for a long ride. 3. How did your commute/habits change since you got on a Halfbike? How did it look before that? I use it to commute to work partly by train and partly with a folding bike. I tried to use the Halfbike a few times. The size when folded is larger than with my folding bike but it is not critical. Sharing the road with cars is not a problem but requires a bit more concentration than with a regular bike. All in all I still prefer to ride my folding bike because going uphill in Brussels with my notebook backpack gets me a bit sweaty. Fenders are also less efficient. 4. Anything else? Halfbike is an amazing company. The packaging is excellent, the build quality is amazing and the support team is very reactive. After more than 800 km on my HB3, I would not imagine a week without riding it. Contacts with other people are currently limited due to the Covid pandemic but the Halfbike is definitely an eye catcher and encourages people to ask more about it. I quite enjoy riding in low light conditions with a chest light.
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