3 years ago
When I saw for the very first time this unique invention I was really surprised and curious. Of course after my first I was: "Wow...OMG...it's very hard, I will never learn to ride it..." Then with every next try I felt more and more stable and confident and now yep, I can say that I can ride a Halfbike. :) It's really awesome how this invention can train every single muscle of your body and brings you so much fun at the same time. It's very cool to see and feel how it can be so much enjoyable and how it brings to you a set of adrenaline, smiles, good training and a lot of amusement. :) Really like it! :)
(ambassador) 3 years ago
Since we are sharing: Ever since I found out about it and saw the videos online I knew I wanted one. I have been riding a standard bike while standing a lot, so I knew that this was something, which would be a perfect fit. I went to the shop, gave it a try and decided that even if I can't ride it within the first five minutes I will master it withing a couple of days. The rest is history, this was about two years ago. Never looked back and am eagerly anticipating any little innovation which follows. The most substantial upgrade I got was changing the springs, which really improved maneuvering in the bustling city streets. Looking forward to the next upgrade. Also the people making the halfbikes are awesome, so any chance I get to hang out with them is a welcome opportunity to show my appreciation for this ingenious contraption.
(halfbiker) 3 years ago
When I first tried the Halfbike I thought that I wouldn't be able to ride it, it just seemed so hard. Even after I started riding in a straight line, taking turns looked like an impossible undertaking. Nevertheless, persistence is key and after every next try I was getting better and better untill I was able to turn, and even initiate slalom turns. The coolest part of learning was the very rewarding progression curve, which leaves you wanting more. Of course, after you learn properly and get used to trusting the Halfbike, that's when the real fun starts, and you could start experimenting with different terrain and slopes. All and all, it's a different, awesome and quite a rewarding experience.
(ambassador) 3 years ago
The very first time was close to where I lived at the time. And it was a poor lit place (the time I had was after work) and not completely flat. It felt hard and weird, specially turning. It was really exhilarating. It had taken so long to save money and finally receive my halfbike. While waiting, I would feed on videos, even dreaming that my body would learn the motion that way. Those first tries were really learning a new skill, and felt great. After a few days, I was able to relax and just start learning how the balance worked. And then it was a question of improving my posture, so that it wasn't so tiring for my feet. The learning curve is quite addicting and rewarding. And it always feels like there is a lot to add to my skills and technique.
(ambassador) 2 years ago
It took me one week to do a straight line and another week for doing the curves. I enjoyed it to have my test track on a little hilly road, this simplified my learning process. Now, after more than two months, I can't believe making such a progress. Riding the halfbike for more than one hour is doable and I can't overstate myself like I am doing when running or riding a regular bike. If I can't ride anymore, I am able to jump off from the halfbike while still be able to walk and have a chat. I've stopped riding regular bikes so it was super difficult first time I had to ride one again. Using a regular bicycle handlebar and a bicycle saddle feels strange and uncomfortable now :-D.
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