4 months ago
سلام وقت بخیر. halfbikes3 من این دوچرخه را ندارم ولی عکسها و فیلم های این halfbikes3 را دیدم و لذت بردم چون خیلی گرون هست نمیتوانم بخرم.
(ambassador) 4 months ago
Hi I translated your message into English with Google translator: | Hello good time. | halfbikes3 I do not have this bike | But the photos and videos of this | I saw and enjoyed halfbikes3 | Because it is so expensive I can not buy. please in the future write in English. I don't understand how I could help you if you want I have a discount coupon of $ 50.00 to use it write this discount code: NETJC but sure that with that prosthesis you can use it?
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