1 year ago
Does anyone know the procedure for removing the non-drive side crank? Please see picture. Thank you!!
1 year ago
(admin) 1 year ago
Hi John, Could you tell us more about why would you like to remove the crank? I see that you've removed the black cap before, you'll need to put it back on as it will be much harder. You'll need an 8mm hex key to remove it, just hold the other crank to prevent the other side from moving and unscrew the one that you've shown with the key. Just keep in mind that it might be way too difficult to do it by hand and you might need to go to a bike shop where they could do it with an impact wrench. Hope that helps.
1 year ago
Thanks for the reply. I'm converting it to a pedal-less electric and building a platform for standing that'll interfere with the cranks. I put the black cap back on and have an 8mm hex in the silver bolt (please see picture below). As I turn the silver 8mm bolt counter-clockwise (when facing the crank as shown as a red force arrow in the picture), it pushes against the black cap, which pulls the crank off? It's essentially acting like a crank puller (I have a bunch of crank puller tools if that'd be useful).
(admin) 1 year ago
Hi again John, That is correct, the black cap pulls the crank off so you wouldn't need to use other special tools. Your project sounds great, let us know how it goes :) Cheers, Bobby
(ambassador) 1 year ago
Hi John, I'm curious about this conversion, too. Please post pics when you've finished! It sounds awesome!
1 year ago
OK - next step question. I'm trying to remove the entire crank assembly now so I can mount a platform for the e-bike. [1] Should I use a hydraulic press to push out the silver spacer shown as the red dashed arrow #1? I would press against the spline shown as the green arrow #2. [2] What is the purpose of the 4 silver bolts (yellow arrow #3)? Do they loosen counter-clockwise? Thank you!
(halfbiker) 1 year ago
Hi John, Now all you need to do is to hammer out the spline with the green arrow and you will remove the whole crank. Please don't use a hydraulic press and don't unscrew the 4 bolts as the whole assembly will fall apart. Cheers
(ambassador) 11 months ago
Hi John, Any update on your conversion to electric? cheers
(ambassador) 3 months ago
Hi John, I'm just checking in to see if there's an update on the conversion. A few days ago I had a random person stop me to ask about the Halfbike while riding and his eyes got wide and excited when he asked if there was an electric version.
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