(ambassador) 3 years ago
Hi there, Does anyone ever tried to ride offroad with a HB? If so, any special tips, techniques, mods, etc. to suggest? Thanks !
(halfbiker) 3 years ago
Hi Alex, The Halfbike can handle light off-road but keep in mind that it's a city child. So riding would feel best on nice and smooth surface. Well packed dirt roads are also fine but don't push it into the real bush. Personally, when going off-road, through potholes or any other uneven terrain I try to keep my hands as relaxed as possible. This takes tons of practice but keeps me in balance when I hit something uneven.
(ambassador) 2 years ago
@Alex G. Maybe my videos from the Halfbike 2 are helping you judging about this question (especially if that what you see in the videos is already offroad for you). Video one: youtu.be/8MU0Bj_y_bc?t=712 Video two: youtu.be/_7YzWlYU19U?t=662 It is doable and makes fun but it is exhausting because you really have to focus your mind and your body reacting quickly to not loose the balance.
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