Handmade in Europe
Halfbike is a premium quality product made in our workshop using only high-end components and materials.


The frame is laser cut and made of aerospace grade aluminum. This makes it light and yet strong enough to endure years of riding. Once we have the frames ready we send them to a paint shop where they’re powder coated. The paints that we use are from the automobile industry so durability is guaranteed.


We went to great lengths to design and test one that fits the Halfbike like a glove. At first we used a standard mountainboard truck for the job but despite choosing one of the best trucks available on the market its limitations soon became obvious. So now we have one of our own design that functions much better and has an integrated brake system.


We use good quality water resistant beech plywood for the handlebar. It’s lighter compared to aluminum plus it gives a nice flex to the handlebar that in our opinion improves the ride. We’ve also developed a special technology to impregnate all plywood pieces to ensure they stay intact rain or shine.


Hub with three internal gears by Sturmey Archer - a prime European manufacturer with over a century of experience in making internal gear hubs. We’re confident that this is one of the best hubs on the market and will endure years of use with practically no maintenance whatsoever.

Crankset and pedals

The crank is made of aluminum, has a hollow axle and is used primarily for downhill bikes. In combination with high end pedals and a custom bottom bracket that we’ve developed to meet the greater stress endured by a Halfbike makes for a rigid and reliable system.


Both tires and tubes are supplied by Schwalbe - yet another well renowned European manufacturer.


Three sizes are available. Depending on the rider’s height we recommend: Size S - for people from 150 to 170 cm tall Size M - for people from 170 to 185 cm tall Size L - for people from 185 to 195 cm tall The maximum weight of the rider is 95kg/210lbs. Please note that a Halfbike with a longer handlebar may feel slightly easier to ride while you're learning. However this will be an advantage only in the first few days. Once you have more practice it will be easier to ride the smaller size especially on longer distances. Therefore if someone is in between two sizes we’d recommend the smaller one.


The Halfbike comes in five different color combinations. Black (all black), White (white frame and natural color handlebar), Pink (pink frame and black handlebar), Lime (green frame and black handlebar) and Mint (blue frame and black handlebar)