I've noticed the rear springs compress with very little pressure on them. Does anyone know how much resistance the springs should provide? Could the springs be replaced with some that are slightly stiffer?
(admin) 4 years ago
Hi Jim, We do offer springs as a replacement part as they get softer with time - all you need to do is to contact out team halfbikes.com/contact . Just keep in mind that looser springs make the Halfbike more maneuverable and we've noticed that advanced riders tend to prefer them. :)
4 years ago
I picked up my Halfbike used and am still trying to learn on it. As soon as I start off it dips very hard to the starting foot to the point the pedal will sometimes scrape the ground and it leans very easy while coasting making it hard to keep it upright.
(admin) 4 years ago
Try to start off with a lowered (to the ground) pedal and give it a few pushes before you put your other foot on. The more initial speed you have, the easier it would be to maintain balance afterwards. Also, some people tend to look at the front tyre as they start, when they should be looking straight ahead. Hope that helps :)
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