(ambassador) 1 year ago
since I received my HB3 I have enjoyed doing a daily workout of about an hour with excellent strength and endurance results. surely it's a complete and less boring workout than 2 hours on the bike or an hour of running
(halfbiker) 9 months ago
Any advice for learning and getting into shape from being a relative couch potato? I was able to do basic turns last night after last night’s first real practice session, but man do my arms feel sore—not so much my legs which felt it more during the learning session, but my core feels it a bit.
(halfbiker) 9 months ago
Hi J., As long as you do a few 10-15 mins sessions, you'll get there for sure. After every ride you'll feel getting better and better. However, the time required varies from person to person - some people need a few hours, some need a few weeks to get it going. Practice makes perfect is very true for Halfbike's learning curve. For additional tips, you can check our manual page here www.halfbikes.com/manual and the YouTube channel by one of our ambassadors where he shares great tips on learning and mastering the Halfbike > www.youtube.com/channel/UCBFS-EzzPeNFlyXHrePTG0A/videos
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