We are running a bit behind schedule from our initial plan because some of the components arrived with a huge delay. We work to catch up and compensate for some of it but are still about a month behind. Meaning that your Halfbike will be delivered by the end of September and not by the end of August, as promised before. We know you are all eager to start riding as we are eager to start shipping. We will keep you posted and really hope no more nasty surprises lay ahead.
HANDLE | Prior to beginning mass production, a production trial, also known as a “Pilot Build”, is usually built and tested. We’ve been tinkering with an idea for a different handle material for a long time, but it somehow always slipped away and we never dared to make this step in the past. Yet, as we are determined to ship the best Halfbike ever this summer and autumn, not someday in the future, we decided that speeding up the tests was worth it. After all, it’s never too late to improve. We are excited to share with you that your Halfbike will come with an all new aluminum handle. As much as we love the old plywood handle, it was time to step up. In case you’re wondering what this means - an even stronger, sturdier and long lasting Halfbike that will stay intact rain or shine. And all this made possible while keeping the riding experience at its best. Even though this was not part of our initial plans, we feel that this improvement is worth all the efforts and complications. We’ll cover the additional manufacturing costs associated with the change of material. COLOURS | Over the past few years our community taught us a great lesson - people are colourful. This is why sticking to “you can choose any colour as long as it is black” simply felt wrong. We picked out eight custom colours, made samples and they all look great, hooray! :)
Within a couple of weeks we will send you a personalized link to configure your Halfbike. You will be able to choose a custom colour and, if you’d like, add accessories and add-ons to your order and then complete your payment. Last but not least, you will have to fill in your height, weight, the so called feet-to-hands distance and choose the profile of the terrain you will ride on. All this info will help us build your Halfbike to fit you best. Please see below detailed info on how to take the measurements and why we need them + the colours and accessories you will be able to choose from.
We need a few measurements to determine what Halfbike will fit you best. Please take them carefully for a more enjoyable ride. According to the rider’s height and feet-to-hands measurement we will determine the height of the handle. Based on your weight we will choose the optimal spring stiffness. Last but not least - gear ratio. We have three sprocket sizes to choose from depending on each user case. This subtle gear ratio variation will optimize your Halfbike for riding on flat ground, small inclines or hills respectively. Here is how to measure the so called feet-to-hands measurement plus a few photos with the do's and don'ts. That’s actually a key metric, so please see the instructions in advance and follow them when taking the measurement. You'll need a pair of comfortable outdoor shoes /suitable for riding/, a measuring tape, a stick and a buddy to take the measurement. Hеre are a few key notes to keep in mind: * Use a stick/pipe/broom/etc., we need the distance to the centre of the stick and not the one to your fingertips" alt=""/> * Please ask someone to help you and do not try to take the measurement by yourself" alt=""/> * Align your back, shoulders and heels to a wall and keep them there * Do not bend, front/back or left/right * Your hands should be fully relaxed pointing down under their own weight |close to your hips|. Don’t try to stretch further down nor fold them in the elbows" alt=""/>
Black is standard for the Halfbike, all other colours are regarded as custom and cost additional $50/€50. Here’s what we have for you :)" alt=""/>" alt=""/>" alt=""/>" alt=""/>" alt=""/>" alt=""/>" alt=""/>" alt=""/>" alt=""/>
Here is more info on all accessories and add-ons we can offer at this point. We’ve always tried to make the Halfbike better suited to various conditions and user case scenarios. Hopefully, these small gadgets will enable you to spend more time riding and enjoying your Halfbike. LIGHTS | We’ve prepared two different sets of lights. They both aim to make you more visible on the road and improve safety, especially in low light conditions. The rear light is identical for both sets. It is only the front light that differs. All lights are LED and USB rechargeable. Here’s how they look: SEE BY SET | Front light, white, 750 lumens, 5 different modes, USB rechargeable, up to 18 hours run time, hand strap when used as a hand held torch + a mount for a regular bicycle | Rear light, red, 15 lumens, 3 different modes, USB rechargeable, up to 18 hours run time. BE SEEN BY SET | Front light, white, 40 lumens, 3 different modes, USB rechargeable, up to 12 hours run time | Rear light, red, 15 lumens, 3 different modes, USB rechargeable, up to 18 hours run time. FENDERS | A set of front and rear fenders for those rainy days. A must, if you like to keep your feet dry and your clothes clean. REFLECTORS | The set includes 4 spoke white stickers and branded ankle band, also in white. BELL | A minimalist design bell by Knog (another great Kickstarter project). It won’t take much space on your handlebar plus it has a great alerting sound. In addition, it will come pre-mounted on your handlebar." alt=""/> LIQUID SEALANT | Shall you choose to add it, we will fill all tires of your Halfbike with liquid sealant, thus greatly reducing the risk of a puncture. TRAVEL BAG | Designed to help you transport your Halfbike safely and comfortably. You can use the Halfbike’s back wheels to turn it into a wheeled luggage or carry it around using the shoulder strap. Our travel bag can be checked-in as a regular piece of luggage on a plane, bus or train. T-SHIRT | We designed our brand new T-shirts in the spirit of the Halfbike company and to celebrate the release of our latest model. The artwork is made by a friend of ours and a great Halfbike enthusiast - Georgi Petev. You can find more of his work at @coffeeaftereight. The T-shirts are handmade from pure cotton by a small local company - Almost a brand. See how they look below:" alt=""/>" alt=""/> Those of you who are keen to follow the step by step progress of the Halfbikes are most welcome to have a look at the detailed updates we post on Kickstarter. Cheers, the Halfbike Team
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