3 years ago
Bonus points are awarded if the Halfbike helped you find your other half. True friendships also score high on the list :)
(halfbiker) 3 years ago
Once, we were riding around a park with the Sofia Halfbike Club and we met this really cool security guard. He got super exited about the Halfbikes, as he's never seen them before and asked us some questons about them. On the peak of his excitement he started reciting some of his personal poetry, which was awesome and entertaining at the same time :) You never know who you'll meet on the streets and the Halfbike definitely helps as a conversaton starter - people just open up around it.
(ambassador) 3 years ago
Everytime I go out with my halfbike, some people approach me, curious. Small children are the best, because they get really excited, maybe they can see the similarities and differences with other wheeled stuff better than adults. In Portugal, I had aged people come and asked me if it was easier than a normal bike. In Greece, a couple stopped their van, they wanted to know if you could ride it on the street, unfortunally the traffic caught up and they had to go. And, like BO B., a security guard was really interested by the halfbike, when I asked him where I could park it. The halfbike will be my daily transport for commuting in Athens, and maybe even more people will start conversations.
(ambassador) 3 years ago
Res največ pozornosti takoj pritegne pri otrocih... Sicer pa je vožnja vedno neka atrakcija v mestu...
(ambassador) 3 years ago
I get tons of compliments when riding my halfbike which is great. ppl are always smiling and i dont encounter aggressive situations anymore. Lots or cars stop to let me pass and also to watch what i am riding.
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