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Dear HalfBike Peeps, You haven’t responded to my email concerning my several issues with the HB2 and whether or not those issues have been resolved in the HB3, such as : #1. Front wheel slippage : Does the front wheel still slip to where one needs the use of the thug inserts? The wheel slipping has caused several problems including the frame leaning to one side, the chain becoming loose and gears not working properly, etc. Has this major flaw been resolved in the HB3? Apparently, there is another user on this forum who is experiencing the leaning issue, but on the HB3 model, which would indicate to me that you gents still haven’t corrected the problem, or am I incorrect? #2. Rust : The second issue I noticed is that the components you folks used on the HB2 have rusted severely. There is also another user on this forum who experienced this problem and I believe you were trying to discount or disprove his experience instead of acknowledge and take accountability for the rusting issue. I have since relocated to Hawaii with my two HB2s and the salt air has completely rusted them - which problem I never had on the East Coast (Boston area). #3. Gearing : Is it possible to make the HB3 a power-assist with, I’m assuming, a wheel with a power assist hub. I’ve taken the HB2 to a local bike shop that specializes in converting bikes to e-bikes and they couldn’t figure out a power-assist option for the HB, period. The new hub is a nice improvement for speed and to get more resistance for people like me who work out, but I’m sick of dismounting at the slightest of inclines and was wondering if there is any way to convert the HB2 or HB3 to compliment with power-assist. I would like to tackle hills here in Hawaii but I didn’t know if it was possible. #4. Springs : Have the rear springs been improved bc I noticed that on the HB2, on both of my HB2s, the springs do not give equally on both sides, which could account for the leaning to one side. Unlike the other user who had leaning issues with his HB3, I experienced the leaning to one side when on and off the bike, which threw my rides way off balance and where it was harder to turn on one side than the other. That bs video on bike repair that was previously posted (and then removed) - that gimmick was tried multiple times on every ride where I’d have to stop and try to stretch the springs to some avail - but after 5 minutes of riding again it would go back to the lean. #5. Communication : Please get back to my email, which I sent to multiple parties with no response. Also, please unblock me from becoming a user in the forums because I tried to sign up under my name and also Facebook login but your system blocked me from joining. I changed my name by two characters and was able to create a user account... hmmm. Something smells fishy. #6. My 2 HB2s that are unusable : What do you recommend that I do with 2 HB2s? I don’t feel comfortable selling them due to the leaning issues, as well as the rusted components (not to mention the front wheel slipping to the sides and misaligning the wheel and also slipping back to where the chain pops off). I was going to toss them both in the trash after recycling the handlebar ends I added and some other components. I would be interested in purchasing a HB3 to tryout since I am a runner and need to run outside but need a tool like the HB that is easy on my joints - so I may be stuck with whatever flaws the HB3 has but the leaning issue is my gravest concern - along with the front wheel slippage - that I’m hoping you guys will address once and for all. I re-read the post of the user who experienced the leaning issue and it didn’t appear that there was any outcome for him so I am curious to know his status with his HB3. Mucho Mahalos! ¥ari
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Hi Yari, Denitsa here. I did receive your email a couple of weeks ago and the reason I haven't yet replied is that it's been quite hectic at the workshop lately and I haven't had the time to thoroughly review all the info you send. As you well know, the message you shared here is maybe twice as short as your email was and to adequately respond plus double-check our previous correspondence I'll need a bit more time. You needed a year to respond to my last email, so I'll kindly ask you for just a few days of patience while waiting for our answers. Regards, Denitsa P.S. We've never blocked a customer of ours and we have no intentions to do so. The Halfbike project is very dear to the whole team and we try to do our best to help anyone who supported us. Plus, we prefer spending our time on improving our customer service, not the other way around.
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Denitsa, Sorry for the long email. Perhaps the email would have been shorter if there weren’t as many problems with the HB to cover. I only tried to condense the email on here bc I didn’t feel like retyping all of my concerns. It took me a year to respond bc my two HB2s have been rendered useless and it has taken you guys this amount of time to come out with an updated HB model. I had actually given up on the HB due to the leaning issues and the front wheel slippage- huge design flaws that took me off the road and wasted my hard earned money. My doctor is the one who suggested that I start exercising again bc since I haven’t been riding on my HBs - I’ve become pre-diabetic. As I was about to try one last ditch attempt to resurrect my HB2s out of desperation, I discovered that there was the new HB3 so my only questions are whether or not the major engineering flaws in the HB2 that rendered mine useless and unsellable have been fixed in the updated HB3 model. By the way, if you guys made a good product, not only would you not receive rather long emails from me filled with lots of technical problems, but you probably wouldn’t hear from me at all as I would be out riding. And much longer than a year has come and gone and I’m doubtful that the major flaws have been addressed or fixed in the HB3, so let’s not get into the amount of time it has taken me to respond. I don’t think you guys quite understand that early investors, like me, in your product believe in the concept of the HB, and there are some of us who are dependent on the HB product to work bc of its uniqueness as a trainer tool to be used in the outdoors for fitness endeavors. So instead of customer-shaming your early-investors for long emails and taking a year to respond when the situation seems hopeless and your product is useless - perhaps you guys should make a product that works to begin with, no? If you haven’t resolved the flaws I mentioned, then I’ll probably pass on purchasing two HB3s and wait for a later model (HB4?) My dilemma and motivating factor is trying to start exercising again to avoid diabetes, and bc I have joint AC arthritis, the HB is the only exercise tool that will allow me to do my cardio outdoors that is low-impact on my knees. Looking forward to hearing back, and I won’t get into the blocking matter. I don’t buy it. If it’s really the case, then your website is just as flawed as your HB products. Mahalo from Waikiki
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