(halfbiker) 2 years ago
I love my Halfbike 3! It's super fun to ride! I was initially a bit worried with the learning curve, as I had been warned that it can take a while to get used to that very special machine, but I was pleasantly surprised that after an hour, I was able to have fun with it. And after a few days, I was at ease with it. I'm probably not a smooth riders like on the gorgeous promotional videos we've seen, but it's really nice to cruise on the Halfbike. It's also pretty funny to see all those faces, those smiles, of the people I came across in the street, wondering what this machine is, or how cool it looked :-) I highly recommend the Halfbike to folks who want to have fun driving something very different!
(halfbiker) 2 years ago
Hey Guillaume, glad that you're having tons of fun on your Halfbike and thanks for your review :)
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