(halfbiker) 2 years ago
I love my Half Bike. The last 4 years I have wanted one but not being able to try one first deterred me. When it popped up on Kickstarter I knew it was time to buy. With my first attempt I managed to fall 3 times in 10 minutes, safety gear is essential to start. I did get about 2 turns of the pedals that teased me with how great it would feel when I got it. I did need help putting it together. The videos on learning to ride it were not very helpful. Someone that knows how to ride is faking being a beginner. You mention that having a slight downhill is good to start. Momentum is needed wether from a slight decline or having one foot on the pedal and pushing off with the other foot a few times to get rolling. Someone online had a good video on how to turn. Just start with tilting your head, it is so easy to overcorrect and over think steering at first. It has really helped my posture as well. Being balanced and straight is essential to being able to steer easily. My core is way stronger now. It just feels like fun not exercise. Soon snow will fly and I will have to wait for months to ride again.
(halfbiker) 2 years ago
Hay Kathryn, Thanks for your feedback - we'll definitely take it into account. As every new skill practice makes perfect and the more you ride the better you'll get at it. Anyways glad you were able to figure it out and you're already feeling the benefits firsthand.
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