Riding a Halfbike is unlike anything you have tried before. It is a totally new skill one has to learn from scratch and both brain and body need time to adapt to the new movements. Please start with this thought in mind and don’t expect to master it overnight. But it is worth it - riding a Halfbike is a wonderful new way to move around, a great exercise tool to keep mind and body in shape, it trains balance, reflexes, and endurance in a gentle to the back and joins way, and it is fun! Over the past few years, after many test rides and observations, we've learned that there is no shortcut from beginner to pro when it comes to a Halfbike. It took us a while to find out that there’s a pattern most people follow while learning. The graphic below illustrates the main phases people usually go through.

Dios mio, ¡Mi Halfbikе ha llegado! ¡Vamos fuera a montarlo!

WTF, parecía tan fácil ...

No lo puedo hacer.

¡¡¡Es una locura pero no me va a derrotar!!!

¡Si, puedo conducir en una línea recta!

¡Vaya! ¡Lo estoy controlando! ¡Puedo curvar controladamente!

¡Vaya¡ Mírame a mí! ¡Ya lo domino!

¿Ya está?

Funciona mucho mejor si haga mi mente relajar.

¡La práctica me hace perfecto! ¡Cuánto más tanto mejor!

Me parece que me estoy volviendo adicto a mi Halfbike.

¡Ya soy Pro de Halfbike oficialmente desde ahora!

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